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Train PNR Status Enquiry at OLF

Using the OLF online train PNR status inquiry system, you can now quickly check Indian railway PNR status in real time. Get a real-time update, check Live PNR status of your rail ticket.

Tap on "PNR Status" button after entering the 10-digit PNR number found on the upper left corner of a railway ticket. It will provide you with the most up-to-date PNR status and waitlist forecast updates for your train ticket.

OLF keeps you updated about the status of your PNR before your train ride so you can make a well-informed decision. Download our app from Play Store to keep an update of PNR status live check on mobile. So, whenever you are on the move and take use of other essential features while travelling by train

Importance of PNR Status

Say you are planning a trip to abroad would you board on a flight without your passport? No right! Similarly, your PNR number plays an important role during passenger current status enquiry. Indian Railways provide passengers with PNR i.e., (Passenger name Record) through IRCTC. It consists of a 10 digit number that contains all the necessary information of passenger from their Name, age, gender, information of the train number, train coach, seat number, class of travel, boarding station. Also, along with it, irctc PNR includes the information related to payment made through gateways, transaction id and fare of the train ticket.

Please note a PNR is only valid for a specific travel and for a certain individual. It is volatile, and when the voyage is over, Indian Railway deletes it. With OLF, browse through a smooth experience and check PNR status of your train. We will provide you with accurate information about your travel.


What is PNR?

PNR is an abbreviation for ‘Passenger Record Name’, Indian Railways assigns a unique number to each reserved rail ticket. The current state of a booked rail ticket, such as whether it is confirmed, waitlisted, or RAC, is referred to as the PNR Status. Passengers can check their PNR status online from OLF website, or mobile application. It gives passengers basic information such as their name, age, and gender, as well as the day and time of their travel, train information, and the status of their ticket purchase. Only if the purchased ticket status is Confirmed further travel data like coach number, berth number, and berth type is available.

How is a PNR number issued for a train?

Indian Railways PNR is a unique number issued by the Indian Railways computer reservation system's database where a passenger's or a group of passengers' trip information are recorded. It is a central database that houses all the relevant information of passenger’s personal information like name, age, gender, mode of payment etc. It keeps track of the ticket's booking status and current status and cancellations as well.

Ways To Check IRCTC PNR Status

Check PNR Status Online through OLF Website

  • Open
  • Click on ‘PNR Status’
  • Now enter your 10-digit PNR Number
  • Click on “submit” button

Check PNR Status Online through OLF Mobile App

  • Download OLF app on your smart phone via Play Store to check the PNR status
  • Open the app, on the front section enter your 10-digit pnr number
  • Click on the search icon to Check live PNR status

Check PNR Status through SMS
In case, you're not online, you may send an SMS to 139 using the format below. • Send the text: PNR <10 digit PNR Number> to 139. • Example- PNR 4360373388 You will get a sms on your registered mobile number with your PNR Status, confirmation and updates. Please note that SMS service will incur carrier costs.

Where can I see my PNR number?

On your Railway Ticket- In most cases, the PNR number is displayed in the upper left corner of the printed tickets (tickets that are taken from railway station booking window).
For E-tickets- When you book train ticket through IRCTC or a third-party travel website, your IRCTC PNR is listed at the top of your ticket.

What is the meaning of 10-digit PNR number?

The first 3 digits indicate the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) via which the ticket is purchased.
In terms of the train's beginning station, the first digit is determined by the train's zone.
Zonal Codes- 1 (SCR Secunderabad PRS); 2, 3 (NR, NCR, NWR, NER New Delhi PRS); 4, 5 (SR, SWR, SCR Chennai PRS); 6, 7 (NFR, ECR, ER, ECoR, SER, SECR Calcutta PRS); 8, 9 (CR, WCR, WR Mumbai PRS) The last seven digits are generated using a random method. These digits don't have anything to do with the ticket or the travel. They only provide the PNR number a distinctive identification.

Types of PNR Status and their meaning

The online PNR current status indicates the developments of your train seat allocation.
These abbreviations help you determine the current status of your train ticket, which assist you in properly planning your travel.
Here's what each of the abbreviations above means:

  • CNF- It stands for "confirmed." When seats are confirmed, the ticket status changes to CNF.
  • RAC - The term "Reservation Against Cancellation" refers to a railway ticket that has a confirmed seat but is on a waiting list. If the tickets are purchased with RAC status, the assigned berth must be divided into two seats.
  • CAN - stands for Cancelled, indicating that the ticket has been cancelled.
  • WL - Waiting List is a ticket status that is verified only if other passengers on the same train who have purchased tickets before you cancel theirs.
  • GNWL - It stands for "General Waiting List." The chances of this ticket status being verified are quite high.
  • PQWL - Passengers going between intermediate stations have a separate queue from the regular backlog under the Pooled Quota Waitlist.
  • RLWL - A waitlist for a remote location has a high likelihood of being confirmed. Smaller stations have their own set of quotas, and waiting seats on intermediate stations are designated as RLWL.
  • TQWL -Instead than going via RAC, Tatkal tickets are verified directly. The status of a traveler who makes a tatkal booking and is placed on the wait list is TQWL.
  • NOSB - stands for NO SEAT BERTH, which indicates that you can travel without a seat. This is only for children under the age of eleven.

Why do I get error messages while checking PNR?

If you are unable to obtain information on a PNR number or receive error messages, it could be possible because of following reasons.

  • You have entered an incorrect PNR number
  • The server of IRCTC is down
  • You are checking it past the travel date, in which case your PNR number is invalid.